Mike and Doug Starn Opening: The No Minds, Not Thinks, No Things

FAY GOLD is pleased to present Mike and Doug Starn
September 4, 2014 – September 27, 2014

The No Mind, Not Thinks, No Things sonbet 2009-14, inkjet print on Konzo paper with varnish, 21 x 72 inches. Unique

The No Mind, Not Thinks, No Things sonbet 2009-14, inkjet print on Konzo paper with varnish, 21 x 72 inches. Unique

The latest photographic body of work by artists of international renown, Mike and Doug Starn, dear friends of Fay’s. On Thursday, September 4th from 6 to 8pm at the Westside Cultural Art Center, founded by Dr. James Chappuis. 780 10th Street Atlanta, 30318. Exhibetion through September 27th. Valet Parking.

Titled The No Mind, Not Thinks, No Things the series finds its roots in the iconic conceptual studies the brothers pursued through their Blot Out the Sun and Structure of Thought artworks and explorations of chaos from their acclaimed site specific Big Bambú installations.

The artists write:

“…trees are hierarchal structures: a trunk leading to a limb, the limb branches off and smaller and smaller branches- but if you silhouette the tree there is no hierarchy- it becomes rhizomatic- connections happen at any point: This is the Structure of Thought. We are fascinated by seemingly impossible and intricate connection systems and rhizomatic fluency. The trees’ natural hierarchy is collapsed when the trees are silhouetted, creating rhizome-like connections everywhere. It is representative of thought and creativity and the invisible architecture of societies and how we all move through life.These dendritic forms make structure and force fluid. The structure of thought is a living dendritic accumulation of intersections and layers.

The No Mind pieces are made of several different images combined, the lines of one branch do not continue across an unbroken image, the connections are lost, the eye moves from following the image to following the physical edge of the sheet of paper and then picks up another image line and follows that, until the physical interrupts you again- a break of concentration…the discipline needed to achieve the No Mind is fought for.

“no mind not thinks no things”- it is a statement of the virtual impossibility of any mind actually not thinking; which is a statement in the negative, but on the other hand , in the positive, no mind is also signifying a noun- the “No Mind” – , the No Mind does have the ability to have no thoughts about no things, or nothing.”

Gallery Hours: Wedensday-Saturday 11-4 pm for further information contact Amy Fisher 404-625-9094

760 10th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318

September 4, 2014