Fay Gold Leads Art Tour in Berlin This Fall

Fay Gold and Bram Majtlis, both longtime Atlanta residents, have joined forces. Fay, the arts specialist, has a passion for travel and Bram the travel specialist, has a passion for the arts. Combining their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields of the arts and travel, Fay and Bram create exclusive travel experiences for art collectors and art admirers alike. Together they search the world and discover distinctive art fairs, galleries, artists’ studios, private art collections, museums, local cuisine and culture.

With significant experience in their respective fields, their combined resources guarantee a luxurious and memorable tour for the discerning art enthusiast. These special tours are indeed “treasures”, in that they provide a true insight in the art scene of every chosen destination.


Fore more information, visit the tour’s website here.


June 14, 2011